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The Schengen Area’s
90/180 Day Rule Made Easy

8th September, 2021

As the whole of Europe continues to adjust to Brexit, many UK nationals are faced with new travel requirements and restrictions. We continue our Brexit blog series with an in-depth look at one of those new responsibilities for UK nationals: staying within the Schengen Area’s 90/180 day visa-free stay rule.

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After-Brexit Briefing:
Norway Business Travel and Trade

27th August, 2021

We continue our journey across Europe exploring the post-Brexit response and travel impacts within specific EU countries. Today’s focus is on Norway. We sat down with Mikkel Wismann, Operations Director – Nordics, to discuss the state of business travel in Norway and the challenges that employers are experiencing in this post-Brexit travel landscape.

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Lingering Misconceptions
Employers Have 7 Months Post-Brexit

12th August, 2021

We’re continuing our discussion with Ray Rackham, Managing Director UK for CIBTvisas and Newland Chase, surrounding post-Brexit surprises and lingering misconceptions that employers have. This is the second of a two-part interview.

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7 Months Post-Brexit:
How to Prepare for the Second Half of 2021

4th August, 2021

We sat down with Ray Rackham, Managing Director UK for CIBTvisas and Newland Chase, to discuss the current status of business travel and immigration seven months after Brexit and the opportunities that it is creating for employers to reimagine their programmes. This is the first of a two-part interview; the second instalment will be shared next Wednesday.

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After Brexit Briefing: Germany Business Travel and Trade

21st July, 2021

Our journey across Europe continues with Germany, Europe’s largest economy and fifth largest in the world. Many multinational companies have a significant presence in this strategic location and understanding Brexit’s impact on immigration between Germany and the UK is crucial from both a business and a compliance perspective. We sat down with Frank Jura, Managing Director Germany and Austria for CIBTvisas and Newland Chase, to discuss the latest business travel trends.

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Work Permit Exemptions:
In Between a Business Visa and Work Authorisation

07th July, 2021

CIBT’s immigration division, Newland Chase, has in-depth understanding and knowledge of a unique immigration category called work permit exemptions which fall in-between a business visa and work authorisation. Work permit exemptions are attractive to companies because they are often less expensive, require fewer documents, and have faster processing times than a full work authorisation process.

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After-Brexit Briefing: Belgium Business Travel and Trade

24th June, 2021

We’re beginning a journey across Europe that focuses on the post-Brexit response and travel impact within specific EU countries. The first country up is Belgium. We sat down with Huib van Heumen, CIBTvisas’ Director of Account Management Benelux, to discuss the current state of business travel in Belgium and the challenges that employers are experiencing in this post-Brexit travel landscape.

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Brexit Research Projects: Strategic Travel and Mobility Guidance for Your Business

09th June, 2021

For one-off or small-group trips, Travel Managers are encouraged to deploy the Post-Brexit Travel Assessment tool. But what if your company has more extensive plans for business travel throughout the year or a specific event that will require significant travel? A Brexit research project might better serve the strategic travel and mobility needs of your organisation.

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EU Nationals Detained at UK Border Without Work Authorisation

26th May, 2021

Last week, stories of EU citizens stuck at the border and denied entry to the UK made the news in Euronews, Politico, and The Guardian. These news stories demonstrate just how high the risks are for undertaking prohibited activities and that the penalties for non-compliance are severe. Ensure your trip is compliant by taking the Post-Brexit Travel Assessment.

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A Tale of Two Budgets: Business Travel vs. Work Authorisation

19th May, 2021

A recurring theme that we’re seeing is employers incorrectly assuming that the costs and requirements for work authorisations are similar to those of a business visa. Generally speaking, work authorisation processes involve more steps and filings, require more supporting documents, take longer, and hold more eligibility criteria than a business visa; all of these factors contribute to higher costs.

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Post-Brexit Deep Dive: EU Work Authorisations Untangled

13th May, 2021

We’re continuing our work authorisation deep dive series with an overview of the process for UK citizens to obtain work authorisation in an EU country. As we discussed previously, EU nationals working in the UK have a very clear set of immigration rules and regulations to follow to obtain a work permit in the UK. On the other hand, UK nationals who need to travel, work or live in the EU face more complex travel and immigration scenarios.

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Post-Brexit Deep Dive: UK Work Authorisations Uncovered

5th May, 2021

Last week’s blog post focused on required document checklists for business travel, and we shared that the third highest post-Brexit business travel compliance concern among our Brexit survey respondents is when a work permit is required. This week, we examine work authorisations in the UK and the top items you need to be aware of. Next week, we’ll explore work authorisations for UK nationals working in the EU.

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Brexit Survey Results & Required Document Checklists for Business Travellers

28th April, 2021

Thank you to those who participated in our Brexit and Business Travel Survey last month. In addition to your survey results, we received many important questions and comments. Topmost among these remarks were requests to provide the required documents for visa-waiver business visitors to carry when travelling between the EU and UK. Visa-free business travel for both EU nationals entering the UK and vice versa will look very similar, but there are a few key differences in what documents to bring.

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Post-Brexit Challenges for UK Visitors & How Businesses Can Prepare for Today’s Travel Landscape

21st April, 2021

UK nationals travelling to the EU for business pose specific challenges for companies. It is important that travel and mobility teams have a plan to adapt to the new restrictions affecting any upcoming travel or moves from the UK to the EU. Although business travel hasn’t fully resumed due to the pandemic, now is the perfect time to prepare your business for the restart of business travel.

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Post-Brexit Travel Assessment Technology Addresses Business Travel Compliance Concerns

15th April, 2021

CIBTvisas is pleased to announce the release of its Post-Brexit Travel Assessment, a one-of-a-kind solution that supports clients in navigating the complexities of post-Brexit business travel.CIBTvisas developed the innovative technology in response to client concerns about compliant business travel between the United Kingdom and Europe.

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Navigating EU Posted Workers and A1 Certificates

8th April, 2021

Today we’re focusing on EU Posted Workers and A1 Certificates. These hot topics continue to be areas of focus in the European travel industry for good reason – posted workers are making the news and the consequences and potential fines are significant for employers.

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Business Visitors After Brexit: Short-Term Travel in the Schengen Area

26th March, 2021

If your business travellers stay within the Schengen Area for less than 90 days in any 180-day period, the UK and the EU have agreed to visa-free travel for these short visits. These 90 days can comprise a series of short visits to one or more of the 26 countries in the Schengen zone, or one long visit.

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UK Business Visitors to the EU: One Size Does Not Fit All

18th March, 2021

European Union (EU) business visitors going to the UK have a very clear set of rules and regulations to follow. This week we turn our focus to UK business visitors travelling to the EU. UK nationals who need to travel, work, or live in the EU face more complex scenarios than EU nationals travelling to the UK.

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EU Business Visitors: Understanding the Different Types of Travel to the UK

10th March, 2021

View our comprehensive analysis of the different business travel types for EU business visitors. It is critical for Travel Managers to be aware of the risks including severe financial penalties for non-compliance with the new rules post-Brexit.

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